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10K in 90 Days - Long Term Care Bootcamp

10K in 90 Days - Long Term Care Bootcamp

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The "10K in 90 Days" Long Term Care Boot Camp Includes:

  • 1 Year Membership to Snarr Agent Academy Content & Documents
  • The Long Term Care Book
  • 1 Hour Zoom Coaching Call with Roy Snarr
  • 2 personalized Case Designs
  • 1 - 30 Minute mid 90 day check in call
  • 1 - 30 minute post 90 day check in call

General Outline of your Next 90 days.

Day 1-15:
Getting to know the basics, implementing the fundamentals, product knowledge and contracting.

Day 16-30:
Roll out marketing plan developed during your 1 hour initial zoom call with Roy.

Day 31-40:
Scheduling, presenting, educating prospects/clients on LTC value.

Day 41-60:
Implementing the plans, shopping the plans.

Day 61-90:
Underwriting/approval/ Commissions paid.

Our average case size is over $7,500, but we’ve been doing it a while, perhaps your average is the same, more or slightly less.  Out of your entire client data base you don’t think you can close 3 people? That’s right, just 3. Let’s assume your case size is only $3,300, there’s your 10K. Most agents accomplish this faster and with less clients, we like to under promise and overdeliver. Image is if you did this every month, year after year. The real question is, are you ready to add value to your business, help more people and ultimately help your self ? In reality, the Academy, the training and the support is beyond free, you will be paid greatly for joining. You just need to make the initial commitment. Over the course of your entire carrier you may earn millions in revenue from what you learn here. How do we know? Because we have, and we continue to grow, earning millions in revenue while helping families and agents every year.  
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